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2009 Alabama Coastal Cleanup

    Its time again for the annual Alabama coastal cleanup. The cleanup will be staged as last year at the Baldwin County Bayside Park on County Road 99South, on Saturday, September 19 from 8:00am until noon.
Participants please remember to wear appropriate attire; shoes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc... You will receive a tee-shirt, patch, and decal. Also, food and drinks will be provided.
Last year volunteers removed 3,747 pounds of litter and debris from approximately 4.5 miles of beach between the mouth of Soldier Creek and Grassy Point, located north of the Lillian bridge. Our efforts were highlighted by the discovery of what has been identified by archaeologists at UWF as an 8,000-10,000 year old Native American projectile point, which will be on display along with other artifacts found locally.
Lack of public access to the beach south of US Hwy 98 has made it difficult to get to many areas. Special thanks to private property owners who allowed us to use their property to access the beach and without whom our efforts would not have been as successful.
Any person, group or organization interested in supporting this invaluable effort or needs information, please call 961-7900.
Cliff Barr  - Perdido Bay Zone Captain

Article published in September 2009 edition of 'The Lillian'

It was an honor to receive this recognition, but it truly belongs to each and every person who participated in the cleanup .  It was their combined effort that has made the difference.  With great admiration and thanks for their support, I list their names below.

Participants and Supporters
    Crystlyn Alexander   
Micah Baldwin
Ian Barr
Kyle Barr
Caroline Canaday
Jerry Capps
Robert Clisham
Cathy Cochran
Jason Cochran
Earl Diamond
Dorothy Diamond
John Galligan
Douglas Giles
Catrina Huburt
Margie Kelly
Marge Kings
DeAnna Lamascus
Jessica Lamascus
Ryan Linehan
Sandra Madison
Larry Manual
Dale Meacham
Dixon Meacham
Dylan Meacham
Lisa Meacham
Lisa Pate
Elizabeth Patterson
Valerie Prevatte
Vivian Prevatte
Sarah Shire
Vicky Shire
Rick Taylor
Abby Williams
Hannah Williams
Some Old Guy
His Better Half

Local Businesses That Advertised Our Event
Bouquets and Baskets
Chubbys Restaurant
Dollar General
Front Row Video
Lillian Pharmacy
NFL Building Center
Perdido Bay KOA
Spanish Cove
Uncle Sam's Exxon
US Post Office

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